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Notification Channels

Mobile (225) 555-0118
Slack Receive instant alerts for messages and updates directly in Slack.
Desctop Enable notifications for real-time desktop alerts.

Other Notifications

Task Alert Notification when a task is assigned to you.
Budget Warning Get notified if nearing budget limit.
Invoice Alert Alert for new and unpaid invoices.
Feedback Alert When a client submits new feedback.
Collaboration Request Invite to collaborate on a new document.
Meeting Reminder Reminder of scheduled meetings for the day.
Status Change Notifies changes in project or task status.


Contact Support

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Do Not Disturb

Activate 'Do Not Disturb' to silence all notifications and focus without interruptions during specified hours or tasks.

Streamlined Alerts Setup: Custom Notification Preferences

Tailor your alert preferences with our streamlined setup. Stay informed with notifications that matter to you most.

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Effective Communication: Instant Notification Tools

Ensure timely communication with our instant notification tools. Customize alerts to stay ahead in real-time collaboration.

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Personalized Updates: Smart Alert System

Control how you receive updates with our smart alert system. Personalize notifications for a more efficient workflow.

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