Privacy Settings

Central Hub for Personal Customization
Show up in search results Pro Control your visibility by choosing if you appear in search results.
Manage Read Receipts for Messages Pro Enable or disable read receipts for private messages.
Enable Location-Based Services Allow the app to access and use your location for personalized content.
Ad Personalization Settings Beta Customize how ads are targeted to your interests.
Allow public profile Enable users to create and display a profile publicly.
Allow use location Enable feature to use and share the user's location.
Private vulnerability reporting Beta Confidential channel for reporting system vulnerabilities.

Report Sharing Settings

Manage your Data

Ony invited People Invite selected people via email.
People with the link Create a pubic link for your report.
No one Reports will be visible only for you.


Block List

Users on the block list are unable to send chat requests or messages to you.
Fortifying Privacy Controls: Customization and Guidelines

Enhance your privacy framework with customizable settings. Understand and apply robust controls with our comprehensive guidelines to protect member data.

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Navigating Privacy Preferences: Secure Configuration Tools

Take command of your privacy settings with our secure configuration tools. Detailed resources and expert insights ensure your preferences are set for maximum protection.

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