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Metronic ThemeForest License

When you purchase Metronic, the premier admin dashboard template from ThemeForest , comprehending the licensing terms is crucial to ensure your usage complies with legal requirements. This guide aims to demystify these terms, highlighting the differences between Regular and Extended licenses and their application to your use of Metronic.

Themeforest Licenses

ThemeForest, as part of Envato Market, offers digital products with specific licensing terms. There are two main types of licenses: Regular and Extended. These licenses govern how you can use the purchased product.
This guide is created in full compliance with ThemeForest’s official licensing terms and is intended to provide additional clarity based on frequently asked questions from our users. For the official, detailed license terms, please visit ThemeForest’s Licensing Terms page .

Regular License: Ideal for Standard Use

The Regular License allows you to use Metronic for a single end product, which end users can access for free. Key points include.
Single Use - One license per end product.
Non-SaaS - The end product can't charge end users.

Extended License: For SaaS Projects

The Extended License is required for using Metronic in a product you intend to charge for, such as a SaaS application. However, it's important to note.
SaaS Usage - Perfect for paid web applications where users access the service by paying a fee.
Unlimited Paying Users - Allows unlimited paying users who are charged for using the SaaS service.
Tailored Access - Allow users to access the service whether via the main domain, subdomain, or own domain.

Custom License

For unique or large-scale requirements, we at KeenThemes can provide custom licensing solutions tailored to your needs. Contact Us directly to discuss the possibilities and ensure the right fit for your project.


Check out the FAQ section below to learn more about Metronic before making a purchase decision. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our Keenthemes Pre-sale Support .

Support Metronic's Future Growth

Your license purchase is vital for sustaining Metronic's development, enhancing support, growing the community, and ensuring long-term viability. By Buying License , you invest in a tool that evolves with your needs and contributes to a leading admin dashboard template's future.