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Single Sign On(SSO)

1. Select SSO integration Type
2. Configure Google authentication
3. Note down custom URL for Google SSO authentication
Single Sign-On (SSO) authentication streamlines access across multiple platforms. Users log in once, gaining seamless entry
to various systems without repetitive credentials.



See the name next to each icon
Show task names next to ids for linked project tasks.


Theme mode

Select or customize your ui theme
Toggle the transparent sidebar for a sleek interface.Switch it on for transparency or off for a solid background.


Email Tailor Your Email Preferences.
Slack Stay Updated on Slack.
Desktop notifications
Email notifications


Manage API

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This API key can only access @keenthemes
Secure access with a unique API key for enhanced functionality.

Unlock the full potential of your application with our API, a secure gateway facilitating seamless integration, empowering developers to create innovative and dynamic experiences effortlessly.


Integrate for enhanced collaboration in web development.
Streamline cryptocurrency transactions securely and efficiently.
Streamline cryptocurrency transactions securely and efficiently.
Robust email integration for data management.
Streamline project management, enhance collaboration.

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