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Doozy Free - Business Illustration Kit

Doozy Free is an Illustration Kit consisting of 5 high quality Business Illustrations for various use cases.

Doozy Free is an Illustration Kit consisting of 5 high quality Business Illustrations. It includes spectacular characters and deeply crafted elements. Just download to use it for various projects like Startups, SaaS, Mobile Apps, Back-end and Front-end apps. Doozy Free package includes 5 illustrations in SVG, PNG & JPG formats.

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woman with laptop illustartion
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Doozy Free Package Details

5 Flat illustrations - Doozy shares 5 illustrations infused with happiness and optimism for free. They carry 2D Vector style which is bright and upbeat. Give Doozy a try to boost user-friendly interactions and positive user experience on your application.
Ready for Web Designers - Figma, Sketch and Adobe Xd versions are included. 5 illustrations for quick mockups to start a project.
PNG Version - Raster graphic. Versatile with built-in transparent background. Can shrink to incredibly tiny sizes.
Source .ai files in a bigger kit of 20 illustrations Doozy offers for 29$.
Visual aspect - One color palette makes 5 illustrations more organic. Clear outlines, basic shapes and airy scenes.
SVG Version - Vector graphic. Scalable, looks good on any device, and has no pixel limitation. SEO-friendly and easy for search engines to load them.
JPG Version - Raster graphic. Great Scale of compression that decreases file size tremendously.

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SVG Files 5 20
PNG Files 5 20
JPG Files 5 20
Adobe Xd
Adobe Ai
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