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Metronic ASP.NET Implementation

A Starting Point For New Web Applications With A Modern UI And SOLID Architecture

For those who create Enterprise level Applications 

UX/UI is the first step in software development of all kinds. Mapping out what exactly is going to appear to user on your page.

Metronic will cover client-side web UI. It has reusable web UI components that are updated very efficiently. 
Using Metronic dashboard will cut additional costs and overhead of having to bridge two different developer worlds.

The Starting Point of an Enterprise Product ASP.NET ZERO

We are very proud of our partnership with ASP.NET Zero. These guys created a mighty machine that solves complex problems  in tough realities of web development. ASP.NET Zero's source code will serve you as the base solution and will let you focus on your own business code to build your application.

They put together technologies into rock solid frameworks that deliver best practice, flexibility, simplicity, and power all in one package. By starting a project with ASP.NET ZERO you are already months ahead. 

Metronic UI dashboard makes an invaluable contribution as the user interface of their product. Metronic dashboard is, in other words, a library - complete, well thought structured framework with a limitless amount of UI elements, pre-styled components, pages and widgets in various high-quality layouts.
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