Metronic 8 is Live!

Metronic 8 Live Preview

Keenthemes team elevates the most advanced and multifunctional admin dashboard theme to a new level. This update allows you to build your very first Bootstrap 5 based application with ease.

Metronic 8 uses our brand new Bootstrap 5 tailored core framework built around our well-thought design system. A wide range of in-house-made components and utility classes gives a solid foundation for web applications of any size.

Notable Features & Improvements

  • The first (Demo 1) HTML version for Metronic 8 with the most advanced enterprise-ready solution.
  • New unified core framework (SASS, Javascript, Typescript, Webpack, Gulp) for HTML and SPA versions with flexible design system support.
  • Fully functional and real-world business-oriented solutions.
  • Custom-tailored Bootstrap 5 components.
  • No design skills required, code without ever leaving your HTML editor.
  • No CSS/SASS coding is required, our flexible CSS utility classes build on top of Bootstrap 5 will cover almost all your design needs.
  • 18 exclusive in-house components.
  • 30 deeply integrated popular 3rd party plugins.
  • Assets(CSS/JS) optimization up to 75%.
  • Gulp v4 & Webpack v5 based build tools refactoring with ES6
  • Enhanced responsive layouts.
  • Overall Layout structure and performance improvements.
  • Native Custom Scrollbars (Perfect Scrollbar plugin dropped)
  • Components lazy initialization via HTML attributes (no more repeating JS code).
  • Fully functional pages, apps, modals, forms and datatable examples.

Live Preview

What’s Next

  • Typescript/ES6 support
  • Other demos releases
  • Dark skin support
  • Angular, VueJS, React versions implementation
  • Angular, VueJS, React authentication with real REST API
  • Detailed documentation of in-house components
  • Frontend Launcher templates
  • Limitless fully detailed pages
  • More popular 3rd party plugins integration
  • More advanced CRUD based apps and pages
  • More advanced forms and input controls
  • And many more...

Your feedbacks are welcome!
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Metronic 8 is Live!

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