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Bootstrap description

Two decades ago in the USA two really nice guys Mark Otto and Jacob Thornton had started developing a solution, which will later become one of the most influential and powerful tools in ITand the number one project on GitHub. For many years it was our good fortune to witness how it flourishes and grows in a unique front-end framework, known as Bootstrap.

Comprehensive and cohesive system

Bootstrap is, as web developers like to describe it, open source HTML, CSS and JS framework which allows to quickly build responsive websites and web applications that are mobile-friendly and cross browser.
The idea is to connect a smart collection of CSS and JavaScript files to the page, which in turn, gives you powerful tools to use: the column system (Bootstrap grid), classes and components. 

All design templates for buttons, forms, typography, navigation are well thought out to the point that typesetting sites takes several times faster compared to basic "vanilla" CSS and JavaScript. 
Plus, it's free.

Bootstrap features instantly aroused the urge in our hearts to create Bootstrap based interface templates. Along with them we have learned and improved-both in style and content-, and released Metronic and Keen, which are on demand, showing us that we are on the right track.

The reason for writing this blog post comes in two-folds.
Firstly, we are gratified to say, KeenThemes admin dashboards are based on genius Bootstrap methods and techniques. We are here to give the Bootstrap team a wealth of credit it deserves.

Secondly, we are convinced, for many reasons, that our dashboard templates differ sharply from others on GetBootstrap and ThemeForest markets. There is formal designation Metronic is the number 1 selling dashboard template, however we always endeavored to describe our product as a mighty machine which solves problems in tough realities of web development.

Core team support. Choose people, not technology.

Now, this is the real value of Keenthemes Bootstrap admin dashboards. We take huge responsibility in post-sales service - providing personalized assistance within 48 hours to however little or complex problems may arise - at no extra charge. Moreover, it is possible to hire us if you are looking for customized solutions. 

Past experience has shown us that KeenThemes in-house team has successfully resolved over 30 000 support requests by now. No doubt, our tech experts grow bigger, stronger and in far better training everyday.
Additionally, our documentation has been evolving for the last 8 years based on customer feedback.
On top of all of that, Metronic core development team is making video tutorials on YouTube, which are based on web development experience and have helped hundreds of thousands of KeenThemes users.
To add, Bootstrap itself has good community support and documentation.

Easy to customize

Bootstrap admin templates revolve a good deal around customization. Fonts are very optimized, they are following rems which are flexible in the mobile world as they automatically adjust. Also the column layout is totally customizable, colors are very subtle and structured, many utility classes, which show, hide, align and space content. Everything can be changed in CSS and any modification is easily made.

Material design inspired
Even a novice developer can make up UI for high-quality sites or CRM systems using Metronic Bootstrap admin template pre-styled components, 140+ pages, 270+ widgets, searchable forms, sortable datatables, smart charts, navigation elements and applications in various layouts, that will look consistent and justified on major web browsers like Safari and Google Chrome.
Metronic literally minimizes UI/UX design and HTML coding to the absurd level.

Less headache, save your time

This is real sympathy between us. KeenThemes like any other IT company faces challenges in terms of meeting deadlines and too long development times, in truth, in the past we had the experience of cancelling the entire project because we had run out of time. Therefore, when we started using Bootstrap ready-made samples of site administration, our development sped up incredibly, which resulted in numerous successful project launches with great time efficiencies. 

Popularity and short learning curve
Real piece of cake is that Bootstrap is the de facto standard for creating UI of websites. So you will use it one day or another, but once you learn it, it is going to be super easy to pick some chunks out from Bootstrap and customize them to your needs. Bootstrap dashboards give you the great way to start, as there is no need for heavy web design experience and deep coding knowledge. In the long term Bootstrap admin themes will save you a ton of time, and it is a subject of positive interface experience for admins and customers.

There soon will be a free Bootstrap 5 admin template available on KeenThemes. Stay updated and subscribe to our news.

Budget saving. Spend less, gain more

Do you have any objections to cutting development costs? 

It’s no doubt that when a development takes longer to complete, additional costs to integrate and test each extra feature creeps up and haunts most of us. Fortunately, Bootstrap Admin themes are ready-made templates. For example, Metronic dashboard has pre-styled components, pages and widgets in various high-quality layouts, with which even a novice developer can make up high-quality sites or CRM systems with standard analytical tools and metrics.

After download and set up of Metronic or Keen via Gulp or Webpack you do not need to spend a lot of effort: collapsible sidebar, functional widgets, charts, searchable datatables, RTL version, layout builder, as all these and many other tools are already available at the start and you just have to customize these tools to suit your needs.

It is crazy, but Metronic comes with HTML, Angular 10, VueJS, ReactJS and Laravel frameworks.
And the best part is to receive customer reviews like this one:

metronic review

Full control of your code and project

A word about control.Metronic dashboard is, in other words, a library - complete, well thought structured framework with a limitless amount of elements that will allow you to be free from the headaches of integrating new plugins, new features, since each of those will always come with its own nuances. 
However, with Metronic, all nuances are all taken care of in advance that rid you of all unnecessary tasks for you to focus on things that truly matter.

We recognise that in long term projects, it may be difficult to manage all potential problems with js conflicts, style conflicts, which may lead to frustration and loss of control. Well, not here.
This is a real banger! 

There are no conflicts between plugins and styles in Metronic bootstrap template. We worked really hard to make sure that all your frustration and loss of control within long-term projects are relics of the past. It is lightweight, simple to integrate, with very few or no cross-browser issues and incompatibilities. 

In the latest version of Metronic Bootstrap 5, we are getting rid of jQuery which was bit complicating work, but not anymore…. Additionally, Flexbox creates seamless responsive behaviour of the layout.



To wrap it all up, Bootstrap admin templates like Metronic have substantial reasons to save you time, budget and also huge potential to bring you significante profits. We hope to start working with you or continue supporting your next successful project.
And the last thing, if you find this post useful, comment below.


If you'd like to share your ideas for next topics you can contact the Keenthemes team directly via social media or email or in comments below.

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