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Today we will be discussing on Bootstrap Admin Themes. What are they, how they work, and why do they benefit you and your web application development cycle.

So, first off, what exactly are Bootstrap Admin Themes?

Bootstrap Admin Themes

In short, Bootstrap Admin Themes are production-ready frontend UI/UX templates that you can use and integrate into your project. In some cases, projects that utilize admin themes may not need a UI/UX designer or a frontend developer to complete their project.

Admin themes usually come in HTML with CSS and JS all readily packed within its application, therefore the project development will only require to have the backend logic sorted and integrate that backend with the admin theme to have a complete working application.

Whilst there are free admin themes available, premium admin themes are where things get more interesting.

Benefits of Premium Bootstrap Admin Themes

The difference between free and premium admin themes are, in premium admin themes such as Metronic, you will get the following benefits from your purchase.

  • Variety in demos and frontend frameworks
  • Single workflow for multiple demos with multiple components
  • 24/7 Online Support
  • Ongoing improvements


1. Variety in Demos and Frontend Frameworks

Compared to free admin themes that usually come with just an HTML solution, premium admin themes like Metronic come with solutions for almost every frontend option. For example, Metronic supports HTML Bootstrap, React, Vue, Angular, and PHP Laravel right out of the box. Along with these frontend frameworks support, Metronic also comes packed with over 20 demo layouts within a single purchase, all demo layouts fully integrated with all supported frontend frameworks.

Therefore, once your development team has experienced Metronic’s solution workflow, development freelancers or large companies can easily purchase another premium license with Metronic to develop an entire new project with completely new and unique features and layouts.

According to our survey, Metronic has saved companies over $100,000 in development costs in frontend development due to the flexibility and variety of Metronic.

2. Single Workflow for Multiple Demos with Multiple Components

Free admin themes will usually come with a single demo layout for a single frontend framework. Therefore, when a developer needs to deliver a new project, they will require to find or purchase a new admin theme, familiarize with it, and then integrate it with their code.

However, as mentioned, Metronic comes with a standard solution workflow, where a single component within Metronic can be reused and redeployed into any demo layout and works perfectly. Coupled with powerful build tools with Metronic’s premium license, any developer, regardless of size, can easily customize, build, and deploy unique frontend solutions for any project requirement.

3. 24/7 Online Support

When any development cycle requires to utilize a 3rd party solution, there may be a time where the development team requires some support from the admin theme author in order to customize certain components or even configure the build tools according to their project.

Free licenses will not offer the same level of support as a premium license. Metronic’s 24/7 online support turn around time is clocked to reply under 24 hours from your first contact. This level of support is unheard of within a free licensed admin theme.

4. Ongoing Improvements

Metronic has a long history of constant support and updates throughout 7 years since it was first launched. Now, with over 80,000 projects powered with Metronic, we are not slowing down anytime soon.

Metronic has undergone 7 major releases. Each release includes a wide variety of new demos, new components, new features, and all these new updates that do not cost the developer a single cent after the initial purchase.


This is the power and benefits of a premium admin theme license that no free license can ever provide. Regardless if you are a single freelance developer or a large firm with over 200 staff, Metronic single workflow solution with the limitless variety of components and customization, Metronic will most definitely save costs, time, and manpower to get any project delivered.

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