The Ultimate Bootstrap & Angular 8 Admin Theme Framework For Next Generation Applications

  • Updates & Improvements

    • Separate default and classic version demos into stand-alone demos with independent templates, assets and build tools.
    • Rename the assets config from build.json to gulp.config.json in default version.
    • Move assets vendors folder to the new folder plugins.
    • In HTML rename assets vendors.bundle.css and vendors.bundle.js files to plugins.bundle.css and plugins.bundle.js accordingly.
    • No changes in SASS and Javascript code
    • Update Angular version v8.2.5
    • Update Angular NGRX version v6.5.3
  • New

    Updates & Improvements

    • Changed Angular HttpHeaders.append() to HttpHeaders.set() in auth service getUserByToken() function
    • Renamed output assets folder name in assets/vendors/global/ from img to images.
    • Added Angular(demo1) skin options to the layout builder.


    • Fixed missing components menu items.
    • Fixed gulp assets' path rewrite for nested assets folder.
    • Fixed missing jquery-form include in webpack.
    • Fixed angular aside menu scroll area height in mobile view.
    • Fixed angular topbar dropdown position in mobile view.
    • Fixed webpack compile for sample demo pages with overriden SCSS config.
    • Fixed KTDatatable pagination issue to reset back to page one in search.
  • New

    • Added Webpack version of the bulding tools. Learn more
    • Added new Mail Inbox app. Live Preview
    • Added Tagify plugin integration to support advanced tags inputs. Live preview
    • Added Gmail Like Multipe File Upload using DropzoneJs with manual and auto uploading of individual files. Live preview
    • Added Uppy File Upload sleek, modular open source JavaScript file uploader plugin. Live preview
    • Added Dual Listbox plugin to make multi select pretty and easy to use. Live preview

    Updates & Improvements

    • The HTML templates incldued for all demos in the download package.
    • Update flot chart plugin v3.2.2
    • Removed gulp build tool from the Angular and now use the Metronic's core assets source (SCSS, JS, etc.) directly.
    • Removed Angular skeleton
    • Separate Angular demos with separate Angular application and performance improvement
    • Rename folder assets/sass/theme/demos/ to assets/sass/theme/layout/
    • Angular quick search HTML layout update.
    • Removed minHeight: 500 from KTDatatable default option and make it as optional option.


    • Fixed Demo 7 JS error on aside submenu toggle.
    • Fixed Demo 4 subheader layout issue on mobile view.
    • Fixed Demo 4 missing aside menu's mobile toggle button in user profile pages.
    • Fixed KTDatatable columns visibility in hide mode when in mobile view.
    • Fixed Angular Splash Screen position issue on the first page load.
    • Fixed tagify polyfills issue in IE11.
    • Fixed jstree missing context menu separator.
    • Fixed Angular Portlet options does not update the portlet layout.
    • Fixed KTApp.progress() size option issue.
    • Fixed JS error in Angular Material example page (Datepicker with filter validation).
    • Fixed Angular hover button in sample "Exclusive Datatable" on dashboard page.
    • Fixed gulp compile missing SVG in css path rewriter.
    • Fixed minlength and maxlength validation in Angular registration & login page.
  • New

    Updates & Improvements

    • Global font color improvements.
    • Invoice 1 and Invoice 2 improvements.
    • Fullcalendar v4 update.
    • Dashboard widgets responsiveness improvements.
    • Added kt-container base component to handle the content elements width for all demos. All demos subheader and content layout parts must be updated with the latest markup.
    • Changed assets config path in tools/build.json from {$config.output} to {$config.dist}.
    • Optimize Angular import to reduce the main bundle size.
    • Upgrade Angular to version 8.
    • Revised Angular menus.
    • Revised the Angular base layout with kt-container as similar with the default HTML version.
    • Added KTMenu item link click event handler. Check documentation.


    • Fixed Summernote z-index issue.
    • Fixed Demo 2 scroll top icon z-index issue.
    • Fixed Demo 10 dashboard switcher menu for mobile view.
    • Fixed dashboard KTDatatable height.
    • Fixed KTDatatable column visibility function datatable.visible() to allow hide column at the initial.
    • Fixed DataTable dropdown z-index in the grid.
    • Fixed jQueryUI Datepicker and Bootstrap Datepicker conflict.
    • Fixed RTL style issues.
    • Fixed Angular sticky portlet header z-index issue.
    • Fixed Angular missing page title, if the URL has query. Eg. /?id=1
    • Fixed Autoprefixer build issue.
  • New

    Updates & Improvements

    • Changed assets config path in tools/build.json from {$config.output} to {$config.dist}.
    • Improved KTApp.initScroll() method to support desktop native scrolling(instead of perfect scrollbar).
    • Minimalist skeleton Angular (Default set to only one demo and remove all demo pages).


    • Fixed missing Angular pre-compiled assets.
    • Fixed Angular left side menu missing icons.
    • Fixed dropdown position issue in RTL mode.
  • New

    Updates & Improvements

    • Improved file structure:
      • default demo ID has been renamed to demo1.
      • The source src folder has been fully reconstructed to provide more clean and elegand file structure for SASS, JS and Media files.
      • The assets folder has been slightly reconstructed to separate the assets versions per working demo.
      • The only change in the code is with the assets paths so refer to this version and update the assets paths accordingly. However no changes has been made in the actual HTML, SASS or JS code<./li>
      • For more info please check Metronic v6.0.2 update notes video.
    • HTML source code comments improvements.
    • Example JS scripts re-organization.
    • By default dist folder does not exist and it will be generated only after running gulp task.


    • Fixed missing image path in compiled CSS (eg. jstree and jquery-ui) in gulp CSS path rewriter.
    • Fixed Demo 2 fixed aside menu height issue on scroll.
    • Fixed summernote z-index issue.
    • Fixed KTDatatable gotoPage(pageNumber) API.
    • Summernote Editor zindex issue.
    • Fixed KTDatatable's child datatable width overflow issue.
    • No-Aside layout option for Demo 12.
    • Input border color improvement for global form controls.
    • Demo 8 responsive layout issue in mobile mode.
    • Demo 10 responsive layout issue in mobile mode.
    • Demo 4 topbar icon color issue on header minimize mode.
    • Sweetalert2 plugin demo page JS errors.
    • Fixed KTMenu.setActiveItem() function.
    • Fixed RTL dropdown menu position.
    • Fixed KTDatatable initial parameters via option.
    • Fixed KTDatatable dropdown z-index issue.
    • Fixed hidden select2 arrow icon for longer text.
    • Fixed typo class name input-group-lg-group to input-group-lg.
  • New

    • Added PSD & Sketch files(for both v5.x and v6.x versions)

    Updates & Improvements

    • Demo4 header menu icons changed to SVG icons
    • Documentation improvments.


    • Fixed Demo2 header dropdown menu z-index issue when fixed aside menu is enabled.
    • Fixed KTApp.process() method wrong class issue.
    • Fixed Dashboard daterange picker issue for all demos.
    • Fixed demo4 background image not full width on the larger screen.
    • Fixed CSS not properly load with mime type errors.
    • Fixed missing images path.
    • Fixed framework erros in the HTML source code.
    • Fixed KTDatatable javascript error
    • Fixed SweetAlert2 with new API function
    • Fixed Angular version Daterange HTML issue in subheader.
    • Initial release of v6.x. For more info please check the v6.0 update notes here.
  • New

    • Added new Classic version without build tools. For this version npm, gulp, yarn and sass are not required.

    Updates & Improvements

    • mUtil.find() and mUtil.findAll(), to check undefined element.
    • Upgrade Angular version 6.1.4


    • Fixed missing icon in Angular Default Demo's topbar.
    • Fixed Form Wizard 1 fix the step progress issue.
    • Fixed Fullcalendar day event view margin issue.
    • Custom checkbox tick direction fix for RTL version.
    • Fixed DataTables missing column's search input.
    • Fix Angular eCommerce datatable selection issue.
    • Fix Angular mobile responsive view in login page.
  • New

    • Added HTTP Inteceptor example in eCommerce module

    Updates & Improvements


    • Fix RTL arror direction for Aside Menu
    • Fix Fontawesome sizing classes(e.g: fa-2x,fa-2x)
    • Fix SweetAlert2 body auto height issue
    • Fix Spinner and Loader animation issue on IE11
    • Fix HTML source codes indentation and formation
    • Fix extra quotes in HTML source
    • Fix mDatatable checkbox bug (freeze and crash) in iOS
    • Fix Angular Portlet Component's variable name typo, change from headOverflay?: boolean; to headOverlay?: boolean;
  • New

    • Added new Angular 6 Demo 2 demo.
    • Added new Angular 6 skeleton Default demo.

    Updates & Improvements

    • Added isMockEnabled switcher to /src/environments/environment.ts file for easy switching from 'Fake' to 'Real' REST API. Doc is here.


    • Fix typeahead page showing warning error.
    • Fix mDatatable sorting does not initialize with asynchronous JS.
    • Fix mDatatable sorting icon not appear using HTML table.
    • Fix Angular 6 sticky portlet header.
    • Fix Material Angular mat-table examples.
  • Updates & Improvements

    • Cleanup assets and remove unused JS files in Angular assets..


    • Fix Angular mPortlet header on the responsive mobile mode.
    • Fix Angular dialog demo page. The text input does not update on submit.
    • Fix Angular top bar header and left side navigation menu style, was broken on Safari browser.
    • Fix mDatatable checkbox selection should be removed after calling datatable API reload()
    • Fix Timepicker demo page. The input does not update on timepicker updated.
    • Fix gulp compiler error when RTL and CSS source map is enabled..
  • Updates & Improvements

    • Angular assets cleanup, remove unused js code


    • Fix Google font URL to support both http and https
  • New

    • Fully Native Angular 6.1.0 Version for Default demo.

    Updates & Improvements

    • Bootstrap v4.1.3 Update.
    • Removed Angular 5(jQuery dependency) version for all demos.
    • Improve mDatatable nested searching & filter for local data source


    • Fix mDatatable select all checkbox API.
    • Fix mDatatable primary key check.
    • Fix mobile menu height issue(default and other demos).
    • Demo 3 fixed aside mode issue.
    • Demo 2 and Demo 5 header z-index issue.
  • New

    • RTL(Right To Left) Support. Preview it here.
    • New Login 6 page. Preview it here.


    • Fix mDatatable checkbox selection should be removed after datatable reload() call.
    • Fix Owl Carousel missing images.
    • Fix mUtil.scrollTo API function issue.
    • Fix Sticky Form Actions on Aside toggle.
    • Fix mWizard Form Wizard JS error on form validation.
    • Fix Custom Scroller height issue on mobile.
    • Fix Demo3 fixed aside mode issue.
    • Fix Demo2 subheader margin issue on tablet and mobile modes.
  • New

    • New Sticky Portlet. Preview it here.
    • New Sticky Action Bar.Preview it here.
    • New Type typography component. Preview it here.

    Updates & Improvements

    • Bootstrap v4.1.1 Update.
    • Fontawesome5 Update.
    • Sweetalert2 v7.22.0 Update
    • Migration from jQuery Custom Scrollbar plugin mCustomScrollbar to Perfect Scrollbar plugin. For data-scrollable=true change data-min-height to data-height.
    • Add autoprefixer to the Gulp compiler.
    • Improve overall theme performance.
    • Improve Aside Menu submenu accordion animation.
    • Improve Page Smooth Scrolling.
    • Improve Portlet responsiveness.
    • Enable IE10 and IE11 support.
    • Improve fixed Aside Menu hover mode.
    • Add layout.customScrollbar in mDatatable option to enable/disable custom scrollbar.


    • Fix Locked mDatatable issue.
    • Fix Line Tabs click issue on Safari.
    • Fix Content Wrapper overflow issue for all demos.
    • Fix Left Aside z-index issue for all demos.
    • Fix Smooth Scrolling on iOS devices.
    • Fix Popover dark skin arrow color issue.
    • Fix Demo 12 header bg issue on boxed layout.
    • Fix Topbar profile menu's user pic border radius issue.
    • Fix Content Scroll issue for all demos.
    • Fix Wizard 4 navigation issue on smaller width.
    • Fix Fontawesome5 icons custom sizing classes.
    • Fix mDatatable auto scroll to top when click empty link in Edge and IE browser.
    • Fix mDatatable API for checkbox not clear when setActiveAll(false) and then reload().
    • Cast mDatatable pagination meta to integer if string privided.
    • Fix mDatatable reload() for remote JSON not updated.
    • Fix mDatatable local search does not find value other than string.
    • Fix Gulp Compiler to compile by demo option.
    • Prevent mDatatable checkbox to be cleared after refresh.
    • Remove mDatatable unnecessary loading spinner.
    • Fix SweetAlert2 deprecated function warning.
  • New

    • New Demo11 added. Preview it here.
    • New Demo12 added. Preview it here.
    • New plugin integration. Preview it here.


    • Fixed blockUI JS error.
    • Fixed Quicksearch close icon visibility issue.
    • Fixed Quicksearch mobile layout issue.
  • Updates & Improvements

    • Bootstrap 4.1.0 update.
    • mDatatable performance improvements
    • Remove mDatatable deprecated methods: row.getDatatable() and row.getIndex() in template callback.
    • mDatatable local search and filter improvements.
    • For mWizard plugin added mWizard.stop() and mWizard.start() API methods instead of retruing boolean value from Event handler function to cancel wizard step.


    • Fix Angular login page script error of undefined function animateClass.
    • Add missing revenueChange(); to initialize script at dashboard.js.
    • Fix mDatatable select-all checkbox to not check all other checkboxes in other cells.
    • Fix mDatatable add undefined check to the returned remote data.
    • Fix to "today" date error in dashboard.js.
    • Fix gulp command for Angular to allow without flag --angular-jquery.
    • Fix missing profile page.
    • Fix missing jquery-ui images.
    • Fix jquery-ui to exclude tooltips, to prevent conflict with the Bootstrap's tooltip.
    • Fix mDatatable Local search not looking into nested object.
    • Fix mDropdown with hover mode can not toggle on mobile.
    • Fix fixed scrollable aside menu issue for all demos.
    • Fix Demo 3 JS error on window resize.
    • Fix Default demo aside hide issue.
    • Fix mDropdown z-index issue with Bootstrap tooltip and popovers.
    • Fix form section layout font size issue.
    • Fix Bootstrap Dropdown z-index should be higher than the header's z-index issue.
    • Fix Portlet footer border color issue.
    • Fix Portlet footer issue on fullscreen mode.
    • Fix left side menu scrollbar m-menu-scrollable.
  • New

    Updates & Improvements

    • IE10 support officially dropped.
    • All Metronic's custom plugins have been rewritten in pure Javascript in order to use theme in native Angular, VueJS and ReactJS versions in the near future:
      • mMenu
      • mDropdown
      • mHeader
      • mOffcanvas
      • mPortlet
      • mQuicksearch
      • mScrolltop
      • mToggle
      • mWizard
    • Metronic's custom plugins HTML attribute prefix changed from data to m. Eg: m-dropdown-toggle="hover", m-dropdown-persistent="hover".
    • Update Bootstrap Select to the latest version v1.13.0-beta.
    • Update Lineawesome to the latest version.
    • mDatatable local data source search method now support multi values by passing array:['search', 'values'], ColumnName);.
    • mDatatable add class option to the individual column.
    • mDatatable inherit row <tr> properties from HTML table.
    • mDatatable add option for remote data request timeout.
    • Angular conf file tools/conf/angular.json has been renamed to tools/conf/angular-jquery.json.
    • Added manualStepForward parameter for mWizard plugin to control step forward on step number click.
    • Footer menu optimizations on mobile view for all demos.
    • Enable ajax request fire timeout parameter requestTimeout for mQuicksearch plugin.


    • mDatatable width overflow issue for demo 2, demo 5, demo 8 and demo 10
    • mDatatable fix local sort not working at initial load.
    • mDatatable fix getPageSize API returning not correct selected value.
    • mDatatable fix hidden locked columns.
    • mDatatable fix resize after hide columns.
    • mDatatable fix sort API, missing param sort type.
    • mDatatable fix from calling remote when server filtering is disabled.
    • mDatatable fix sort arrow not displayed for right aligned column.
    • mDatatable fix auto hide column with wrong header title.
    • Fix left aside menu collapse/expand event to fix redraw mDatatable layout.
    • gulp fix jquery-ui to include missing assets in the bundle.
    • Metronic custom alert close icon padding fix.
    • Metronic custom dropdown navigation section margin improvement.
    • Enable document scrolling when Sweetalert2 launched.
    • The page title and breadcrumbs are not shown on mobile when fluid page layout is activated for all demos.
    • Form Wizard 2 demo's progress bar issue.
    • Modal z-index issue when page loader(splash) is activated.
    • Bootstrap Select's data-size HTML parameter issue.
    • Metronic custom alert close icon padding fix.
    • Mobile mode breakpoint changed from 992px to 1024px to enable mobile view for ipad portrait mode.
  • New

    • New PSD files
    • New Sketch files
  • New

    • New Demo 8. Preview here.
    • New Demo 9. Preview here.
    • New Demo 10. Preview here.
    • New Invoice v1. Preview here.
    • New Invoice v2. Preview here.

    Updates & Improvements

    • Updated to the latest Bootstrap 4 Stable. See the changelog for more info.
    • Upgrade to Angular v5.2.0.


    • Remove duplicate double quotes for timeline-2 component
    • Fix duplicate include fullcalendar plugin in Angular.
    • Right aside issue in Demo2 and Demo 5.
    • Window resize handler optimization.
    • Background color issue for focus state of outline buttons.
    • Left aside menu scrollbar height autocalculate issue.
    • Summernote editor toolbar's z-index issue.
    • Summernote font styles(bold, italic) do not work.
    • mDatatable reset scroll position after content changed.
    • mDatatable fix local HTML table search by column name.
    • mDatatable for local HTML table, removed span tag from data source.
    • mDatatable display spinner on every AJAX request.
    • mDatatable fix error message position display.
    • mDatatable fix row details does not show the correct title on expand.
    • mDatatable Disable autoHide for locked columns table.
    • mDatatable trim extracted html-table values.
  • New

    • Github access to the Metronic's repositories. To register please click here.


    • mDatatable fix exclude empty parameters from request.
  • New

    Updates & Improvements

    • Update to the latest Bootstrap 4 Beta 3. See the changelog for more info.
    • mDatatable option will be sent as parameters to backend API service.
    • mDatatable ajax parameter namespace datatable is deprecated.
    • Update to the latest Summernote v0.8.9.
    • Default demo: Remember sidebar toggle state in cookie for Default Demo.


    • Fix mDatatable local and server datasource filter conflict.
    • Fix Demo 4 layout z-index issue when modal window opened.
    • Fix Demo 4 layout content container overflow issue.
    • Fix small size icon only buttons height issue.
    • Fix Portlet collapse API function works inverse.
    • Fix Quicksidebar messanges component's message aligment issue on wider width container.
    • Fix Quick search input spinner icon position issue in all demos.
    • Fix Bootstrap Datetimepicker form validation does not change state after value selection.
  • Fixes

    • Fix Markdown plugin preview issue
    • Fix Demo 7 mobile header background color issue.
    • Fix gulp --prod empty css file and minification issue.
  • New

    • Demo 7
    • 3 Timeline components
    • mWizard Custom Plugin
    • 4 Form wizard examples using mWizard plugin
    • SweetAlert2 integration
    • Accordion component
    • Datatable responsive auto hide columns.
    • Datatable 2 new row callbacks options rows.beforeTemplate and rows.afterTemplate.
    • Datatable add new option search.onEnter, for search on Enter button keyup.
    • Datatable checkbox extension for records selection.
    • Datatable add minHeight option.

    Changes & Improvements

    • Bootstrap v4.0.0-beta.2 update
    • Depreciate Bower and use Yarn instead. Now all 3rd party plugins are managed via NPM and Yarn
    • Update all 3rd party plugins to their latest available versions
    • Enable to export with the left aside for Demo 2 and Demo 5
    • Bootstrap Select Bootstrap input group integration
    • Select2 Bootstrap input group integration
    • Added sidebar dropdown submenu "up" direction for all demos
    • Removed bower dependencies manager and replaced with yarn.
    • Datatable API support 2 methods. Eg. datatable.methodName(args) or $(datatable).mDatatable(methodName, args);
    • Datatable rows.callback option was deprecated.
    • Datatable apply hover class when scroll is stopped.
    • Dropzone demo add option addRemoveLinks: true for the link to remove the uploaded file.
    • Sample Datatable API file rename from employees to customers
    • Angular HTML template modification, div class name m-wrapper moved to upper parent component. (To fix replication m-wrapper selector for all page components. Each component can have own selector.)
    • Redraw Datatable layout on sidenav collapse/expand toggle.
    • Bootstrap Session Timeout plugin update


    • Bootstrap Custom file input and select issues
    • Datatable record per page dropdown zindex conflict with fixed footer
    • Select 2 search field margin issue
    • Minimized left aside hovered dropdown menu link background color issue
    • Portlet tools icons tooltip issue
    • Metronic's custom responsive utility classes(m-hidden-xx-and-m-visible-xx) are depreciated. Use Bootstraps one's instead
    • Angular fix redundant include JS files.
    • Fix generated sourcemaps in gulp compiler.
    • Datatable fix table footer overlap the table content.
    • Datatable fix subtable row even style.
    • Datatable fix event m-datatable--on-init to be triggered on last initilizing process.
    • Fix missing "No Records" message on locked columns datatable.
    • Fix Datatable pageSizeSelect option cannot be changed by options.
    • Fix Datatable ID to prevent duplicate cookies.
    • If Datatable meta object missing, fallback to local pagination.
    • Datatable sub-table fix even-odd style class.
    • Bootstrap modal hides the body scrollbar that causes page content jumping
  • New

    • New Demo 6
    • New Pricing Table component.
    • Angular 5.0 update
    • Datatable API show and hide column, hideColumn and showColumn.
    • Datatable API getDataSet to get all data in the grid.
    • Datatable option for custom mapping on received data.
    • Added skeleton project for Angular version

    Changes & Improvements

    • Theme folder restructure.
    • Renamed folder for static HTML from html to default.
    • Datatable variable name changed, fullJsonData to originalDataSet.
    • Separate build.json file configs for default (HTML) version and Angular version.


    • Remove PHP preview links from documentation.
    • Sidebar submenu toggle issue with default minimized sidebar layout.
    • Fix Angular version aside menu initialized twice.
  • Fixes

    • Gulp missing demo list
  • Fixes

    • Angular version source files fix
  • New

    • Online Layout Builder.
    • Datatable row callback function.
    • 3 Pricing Table components.
    • Form Repeater plugin integration.

    Changes & Improvements

    • Portlet tools lazy initialization.
    • Topbar notification read item state.
    • Datatable support request method GET or POST.
    • Datatable internal search handler by providing search input.
    • Datatable setSelectedRecords() function internally call before getSelectedRecords().
    • Datatable options name change, searchDelay:400 option node changed to search:{delay:400}


    • Page level blockUI issue
    • Fullcalendar logn event state color issue.
    • Warning message on portlet tools hover.
    • Quick sidebar settings switch controls issue.
    • Bootstrap Tooltip conflict with jquery ui draggable portlets.
    • Nested portlet tools does not work.
    • Portlet remove button issue on fullscreen mode.
    • Portlet tools remove button issue on fullscreen mode.
    • Fixed Datatable remote request parameter extend.
    • Fixed Datatable local sort not working if pagination is disabled.
  • New

    • Fullcalendar Integration
    • 6 Error pages
    • Gradient buttons
    • Portlet tools(reload, collapse/expand, remove, fullscreen)
    • Creative Portlet Option
    • Include Headers into the API request in Metronic Datatable.
    • Local sorting support with data types string, number and date in Metronic Datatable.
    • Support datasource from HTML table in Metronic Datatable.
    • Metronic Datatable new public API getTotalRows().
    • Metronic Datatable new option for searchDelay default to 400ms.
    • Added new demo5

    Changes & Improvements

    • Datatable support request method GET or POST.
    • Replace Bootstrap Select Splitter with Bootstrap Multi Select Splitter
    • Hide pagination number if there is only 1 page left for Metronic Datatable.
    • Pagination optimization and improvement in Metronic Datatable.
    • Fix local sort with remote datasource in Metronic Datatable.


    • Datatable selector fix for parent of child table.
    • User profile page responsive layout issue
    • Demo 2 light dropdown submenu issue
    • Tabbed portlets mobile mode issue
    • Combination of bordered and stripped rows tables border color issue
    • Broken logout links in other demos except default demo
    • Broken logout links in other demos except default demo
    • Daterangepicker date range selection color issue
    • Offcanvas menu close on click for HTML and Angular versions
    • Removed duplicate demo assets folder.
    • Fixed overflow contents, if all columns width are disabled in Metronic Datatable plugin.
    • Fixed layout builder path
    • Fixed Metronic Datatable always perform request data from remote when window resized.
    • Bootstrap Maxlength z-index conflict with modal
  • Fixes

    • Demo 4 horizontal menu's submenu z-index issue.
    • Metronic Datatable plugin performance optimization.
    • Initial Release

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