The Ultimate Bootstrap & Angular 6 Admin Theme Framework For Next Generation Applications

Classic Version

Classic version theme is the old style coding without any build tools, css processors or package managers.

The classic version theme can be found in [root]/theme/classic/.

You do not any build tools to run this templates. Any customization to the assets must be done directly into assets folder in [root]/theme/classic/demos/default/assets.

The RTL (Right-to-Left) assets are included in the source assets folder.

Path Description
demosMain classic demos folder. Contain a list of demos.
[...]List of demo directories. Eg. default, demo2, demo3, etc.
assetsContains assets (JS, CSS, images, fonts, etc.)
componentsContain components HTML templates.
crudContain custom HTML template demos for CRUD type application.
snippetsContain custom snippets HTML templates.
index.htmlThe main index.html file.
vendorsContains a list of 3rd party plugin vendor directories. All the plugins are included in the HTML tempaltes individually.
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Powerful Framework

Everything within Metronic is customizable globally to provide limitless unique styled projects

Multi Demo

Choose a perfect design for your next project among hundreds of demos

Limitless Components

A huge collection of components to power your application with the latest UI/UX trands

Angular 6 Support

Enterprise ready Angular 6 integration with built-in authentication module and many more

Bootstrap 4

Metronic deeply customizes Bootstrap with native look and feel

Exclusive Datatable Plugin

Our super sleek and intuitive Datatable comes packed with all advanced CRUD features

60,000+ Strong

Metronic is the only theme trusted by over 60,000 developers world wide

Continuous Updates

Lifetime updates with new demos and features is guaranteed

Quality Code

Metronic is writer with a code structure that all developers will be able to pick up easily and fall in love

The Ultimate Bootstrap Admin Theme Trusted By Over 60,000 Developers World Wide