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GitHub Access

Open this page https://keenthemes.com/metronic?page=github to register. Provide your GitHub username and a valid Metronic purchase code from your ThemeForest account and receive our invitation to access to the Metronic's private repositories. Once you accept the invitation you will be added as a collaborator with following privileges:

  • You can access to the latest development version.
  • You can report issues and access to the hot bug fixes and new features before Themeforest release.
  • You can send pull requests that will be reviewed by us.

Cloning a Git repository

You can use Sourcetree for free or any other Git client software to clone from the Metronic's default and angular versions repositories:


If the cloning was successful, a new sub-directory appears on your local drive. This directory has the same name as the repository that you cloned.