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This is Metronic 7 documentation!

Upon purchase you can get Metronic 7 version from our Github Repository.
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The new Metronic 8 is now available with the most advanced Bootstrap 5, VueJS, React and Laravel foundation with a solid light and dark mode design system, extensive utility classes and custom made in-house components.
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To use most of the Metronic build tools, Node.js LTS version is required. Version 14.x LTS is recommended. Some of the plugins and framework in Metronic v7 does not support the latest Node.js version. https://nodejs.org/en/


Metronic's Laravel "skeleton" version comes with the Metronic theme (demo1), layout configuration and laravel-mix integration only. We have also included few demo pages to show implementation examples:

  • /datatables - Shows Datatables.net integration.

  • /jquerymask - Jquery mask plugin integration.

  • /ktdatatables - Custom Metronic datatables.

  • /select2 - Select2 plugin integration.

  • /icons/custom-icons - Shows keen custom icons usage examples

  • /icons/flaticon - Shows flaticon usage examples

  • /icons/fontawesome - Shows fontawesome icons usage examples

  • /icons/lineawesome - Shows lineawesome icons usage examples

  • /icons/svg - Shows inline svg icons usage examples

Apart from listed demo pages, this version does not provide any other additional logic or functions such as auth or CRUD. We will add more page examples and some CRUD functions in the near future.

For more detailed information about skeleton version please read here https://keenthemes.com/metronic/?page=docs§ion=laravel-quick-start

Laravel includes a simple method of seeding your database with test data using seed classes. For more information about the Laravel seeding, check on the Laravel documentation here: Seeding

If you install a package, and it prints a deprecation message, we recommend to check on this link: Using deprecated packages

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