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This is Metronic 7 documentation!

Upon purchase you can get Metronic 7 version from our Github Repository.
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The new Metronic 8 is now available with the most advanced Bootstrap 5, VueJS, React and Laravel foundation with a solid light and dark mode design system, extensive utility classes and custom made in-house components.
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To use most of the Metronic build tools, Node.js LTS version is required. Version 14.x LTS is recommended. Some of the plugins and framework in Metronic v7 does not support the latest Node.js version.


Term Link Version
Node.js v14.15.4 LTS
Gulp v2.3.x
Yarn v1.22.x
FormValidation v1.6.0
@ckeditor/ckeditor5-alignment v23.1.0
@fortawesome/fontawesome-free v5.15.3
@fullcalendar/bootstrap v4.4.2
@shopify/draggable v1.0.0-beta.8
@uppy/core v1.19.1
@yaireo/tagify v3.21.4
acorn v8.4.0
animate.css v4.1.1
apexcharts v3.23.1
autosize v4.0.4
block-ui v2.70.1
bootstrap v4.6.0
bootstrap-datepicker v1.9.0
bootstrap-daterangepicker v3.1.0
bootstrap-markdown v2.10.0
bootstrap-maxlength v1.10.1
bootstrap-notify v3.1.3
bootstrap-select v1.13.18
bootstrap-switch v3.3.0
bootstrap-timepicker v0.5.2
bootstrap-touchspin v4.3.0
clipboard v2.0.8
counterup v1.0.2
cropperjs v1.5.12 v1.10.25
dropzone v5.9.2
dual-listbox v1.4.0-alpha3
es6-promise v4.2.8
es6-shim v0.35.6
esri-leaflet v2.5.3
esri-leaflet-geocoder v2.3.4
flot v4.2.2
gmaps v0.4.25
handlebars v4.7.6
inputmask v5.0.6
ion-rangeslider v2.3.1
jkanban v1.3.1
jquery v3.4.1
jquery-mask-plugin v1.14.16
jquery.repeater v1.2.1
jqvmap v1.5.1
jstree v3.3.11
leaflet v1.7.1
moment v2.29.1
morris.js v0.5.0
owl.carousel v2.3.4
pace v0.0.4
pace-js v1.2.4
pdfmake v0.1.71
popper.js v1.16.1
quill v1.3.7
select2 v4.0.13
sticky-js v1.3.0
sweetalert2 v10.16.9
tempusdominus-bootstrap-4 v5.39.0
toastr v2.1.4
typeahead.js v0.11.1
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