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Each demo has own base style [root]/theme/default/src/sass/demo/[demo_id]/style.scss that will be compiled and added into the demo's base css bundle assets/demo/[demo_id]/base/styles.bundle.css.


The demo's style.scss includes the entire framework stylesheets and compiles with its own layout and global settings that overrides's Metronic frameworks base global settings. Thus each demo can customize and change the look and feel of the the entire theme components by overriding global config [root]/theme/default/src/sass/framework/_config.scss by the demo level config [root]/theme/default/src/sass/demo/[demo_id]/_framework-config.scss.

Metronic uses nested map list to structure the config options with special custom function arrat-get() to access the nested config structure. Below is the example of the framework's base SASS config:

//** Global Config

//== Framework SASS Functions
@import "base/functions";

//== Layout Breakpoints
// Define the minimum and maximum dimensions at which your layout will change,
// adapting to different screen sizes, for use in media queries.
$m--layout-breakpoints: (
  	// Small screen / phone
  	sm: 576px,

  	// Medium screen / tablet
  	md: 768px,

  	// Large screen / desktop
  	lg: 992px,

  	// Extra large screen / wide desktop
  	xl: 1200px,

    // Extra large screen / wide desktop
    xxl: 1400px,

    xxxl: 1600px
) !default;

//== Global arrow style
$m--arrow-style: 'smooth'; // supported options: smooth, classic

//== Default skin
$m--default-skin: 'light'; // supported options: light, dark

//== Global rounded border mode
$m--rounded: true;

//== Force cursor with pointer for button tags globally
$m--btn-force-hover-pointer: true;

//== Border Radius
$m--border-radius: (
    general: 4px,
    dropdown: 6px,
    scrollbar: 2px

//== Transition
$m--transition: (
    general: all 0.3s,
    link: (
        hover: color .4s ease

//== UI State Color
$m--state-colors: (
    // metronic states
    brand: (
        base: #716aca,
        inverse: #ffffff
    metal: (
        base: #c4c5d6,
        inverse: #111111
    light: (
        base: #ffffff,
        inverse: #282a3c
    accent: (
        base: #00c5dc,
        inverse: #ffffff
    focus: (
        base: #9816f4,
        inverse: #ffffff

    // bootstrap states
    primary: (
        base: #5867dd,
        inverse: #ffffff
    success: (
        base: #34bfa3,
        inverse: #ffffff
    info: (
        base: #36a3f7,
        inverse: #ffffff
    warning: (
        base: #ffb822,
        inverse: #111111
    danger: (
        base: #f4516c,
        inverse: #ffffff

//== The body element font settings
$m--root-font: (
    size: (
        desktop: 14px,
        tablet: 13px,
        mobile: 13px
    weight: 300,
    color: (
        light: #333333,
        dark: #efefef

//== Best font families
$m--font-families: (
    regular: 'Poppins',
    heading: 'Roboto'

//== General link font settings
$m--link-font: (
    default: (
        color: (
            light: get-brand-color(),
            dark: get-brand-color()

    hover: (
        color: (
            light: get-brand-color('+'),
            dark: get-brand-color('+')

You can access to an option by using array-get() function as shown below:

$border-radius: array-get($m--border-radius, general); // 4px;
$brand-base-color: array-get($m--state-colors, brand, base); // #716aca
$brand-inverse-color: array-get($m--state-colors, brand, inverse); // #ffffff


You can use Metronic's globally available base mixins in your custom codes. All available mixins can be found here: src/sass/framework/base/_mixins.scss


You can use Metronic's globally available SASS functions in your custom codes. All available functions can be found here: src/sass/framework/base/_functions.scss

Helper Classes

Class Description
Margin helper classes where [size] can accept 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45 and 50. Example: m--margin-10, m--margin-top-20
Padding helper classes where [size] can accept 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45 and 50. Example: m--padding-10, m--padding-left-20
m--full-height Set full 100% height helper class.
Vertical align the content to top, middle or bottom
m--space-[size] Space helper classes where [size] can accept 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, and 40. Example: m--space-10, m--space-20
m--block-center Helper class to set element centered.
m--align-[alignment] Alignment helper classes where [alignment] can accept right, left and center. Example: m--align-right, m--align-center
m--pull-[direction] Pull element helper classes where [direction] can accept right and left. Example: m--pull-right, m--pull-left
m--img-rounded Image rounded border helper class
m--block-inline Helper class to set element display as inline block.
m--hide Helper class to hide element.
m--marginless Remove margin helper class
m--img-centered Helper class to set image centered
Text transform helper classes.
m--font-[weight] Weight helper classes where [weight] can accept thin, normal, bold, bolder, boldest and boldest2. Example: m--font-thin, m--font-normal, m--font-bold
m--[type]-font-size-[size] Font size helper classes where [type] can accept text and icon. [size] can accept lg1, lg2, lg3, lg4, lg5, sm1, sm2, sm3, sm4, and sm5. Example: m--icon-font-size-lg3, m--font-normal
Font and background color helper classes where [color] can accept brand, metal, light, accent, focus, primary, success, info, warning and danger. Example: m--font-inverse-primary, m--bg-info, m--bg-fill-danger
Helper classes to set visible or hidden for responsive breakpoint. [breakpoint] can accept sm, md, lg, xl, xxl, xxxl. Example: m--visible-sm, m--visible-md-inline-block, m--hidden-xl
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