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KTToggle is a Metronic's custom plugin defined in [root]/theme/default/src/theme/framework/components/foundation/toggle/toggle.js.


First parameter is the id, class, or tag of the HTML element. The second parameter is for the options.

var asideLeftToggle = new KTToggle('kt_aside_toggler', options);


var options = {
    target: 'body',
    targetState: 'kt-header__topbar--mobile-on',
    togglerState: 'kt-header-mobile__toolbar-topbar-toggler--active'
Field Type Description
target string

The target for the class name changed

target: 'body'
targetState string

The state class name to be added to the target

targetState: 'kt-header__topbar--mobile-on'
togglerState string

The active state for the toggler

togglerState: 'kt-header-mobile__toolbar-topbar-toggler--active'

API Methods

Method Description

Set default options

Input Parameters
Name Type Description
options object

A new options object for the menu


Get toggler state


Toggle the toggler


Set the toggler on


Set the toggler off

on(name, handler)

Register event

Input Parameters
Name Type Description
name string

Unique event name

handler function

Callback function handler for the event

one(name, handler)

Register event to be run once

Input Parameters
Name Type Description
name string

Unique event name

handler function

Callback function handler for the event

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