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Remove Demo Pages

All demo pages are in separate modules and can be removed from this folder

Create a blank vue page in [metronic]/theme/vue/[demo]/src/view/pages/Blank.vue

    <h1>blank page</h1>


export default {
  name: "blank",


Remove all demo page routers and replace with blank page route. Router file is in this file [metronic]/theme/vue/[demo]/src/router.js. The component Base.vue is required as parent component because this file contains the page header, footer, menu, content area, etc.

export default new Router({
  routes: [
      path: "/",
      redirect: "/blank",
      component: () => import("@/view/layout/Layout"),
      children: [
          path: "/blank",
          name: "blank",
          component: () => import("@/view/pages/Blank.vue")

Open and modify file [metronic]/theme/vue/[demo]/src/view/layout/Layout.vue. Remove or comment out the block of codes below to temporarily disable the auth module from being redirect to login page.

if (!this.isAuthenticated) {
  this.$router.push({ name: "login" });

Now the Vue can be run using npm run serve with a blank page without demo pages.